Lovey Mine Sessions are completely FREE one hour photoshoots gifted by Gooseberry Studios to people (and pets) whose lives have been affected by a life-changing diagnosis. These photo sessions are designed to capture genuine moments that celebrate the present.



“My two daughters and I have been extremely lucky to participate in the Lovey Mine Program at Gooseberry Studios with Laura. Laura was very accommodating in ensuring that Victoria was comfortable and that all her medical restrictions and needs were met. Both my girls had a blast and Victoria, specifically, enjoyed her time dancing, smiling, and posing. Thank you so much for giving us a memory that we will cherish forever!”

“Laura is incredibly accommodating all our needs, whether medical (having an immune-compromised child) to working around nap time. Laura makes the session fun and relaxed and the pictures are just unbelievable. We are so grateful for everything Laura has done for our family by giving us gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime. It’s certainly one of the hardest things when your child is diagnosed with a serious illness, and we're incredibly grateful for the opportunity to create and record these memories.”

“Having photographs of my dear sweet senior dog before he passed was such a special gift and I'll be forever grateful to laura for donating her time to capture these memories for us.”


How many people can participate in a Lovey Mine Session?

Typically we like to keep Lovey Mine Sessions focused on the core family (ie; parents and children, owner and pet, etc) so as not to overwhelm the main photo subject. However, Gooseberry understands that not all families or circumstances are the same and is willing to make exceptions within reason. For example, if your grandparents want to participate, awesome! But we won’t be able to accommodate a dozen cousins, aunties, uncles and family friends.

Can i use props in a lovey mine session?

We strive to keep Lovey Mine Sessions minimalist and meaningful through a less is more approach, which means we encourage not using props. Instead Gooseberry focuses on natural organic moments between loved ones to keep stress away. That being said, if your little one would like to bring their favourite stuffed animal or wear a cape to their session etc, we’re game!

who will be the photographer?

That would be Laura, the owner of Gooseberry Studios. Visit the About Page to learn more about her!

Why do I need to sign a contract / release form if it is a gifted photo session?

The contract and release form is a written formality that must be completed in order to reserve a Lovey Mine Session. It simply keeps everyone on the same page and is a professional courtesy.


Unfortunately, there are people who enjoy taking advantage of freebies. In order to ensure that the families who really need a Lovey Mine Session receive one, Gooseberry asks for a formal doctor’s note. (We don’t need the full medical diagnosis out of respect for your medical privacy.) We understand that this can be a difficult thing to do. However, it really helps us to make sure that this program is serving the people who truly need it.

will photos from my lovey mine session be published on gooseberry's website or social media?

Ideally we like to publish at least 1-3 photos from each Lovey Mine Session to help raise awareness about the initiative. However, we completely respect a family’s or individual’s request for privacy. We can only share photos that don't show any faces, as an option, and will only share photos that show faces with your direct written consent which you can opt in or out of in the contract.

what areas does this service extend to?

At the moment Lovey Mine Sessions are available in Toronto and the GTA.

why are they called "lovey mine" sessions?

“Lovey mine” is something my Nan used to say.

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