What a brand strategist really does for your brand

Your brand is like a garden; it needs care, nurturing and planning to truly flourish and grow as a beautiful ecosystem.


Do you enjoy a beautiful garden?

Having tea on a patio surrounded by blooming shrubs and trees? Taking a stroll through masses of vibrant, gorgeous flowers? Having a picnic on a manicured lawn or leisurely reading a book outside with butterflies and beauty all around you?

But... do you enjoy the garden yard work?

The actual physical labour that's required to make said garden beautiful? Do you like pulling the weeds, watering the plants, cutting the grass, dead-heading the shrubs, pruning the trees and planning succession planting? Do you like the on-going work necessary to keep the garden healthy and flourishing?

If your answer is "NO," you hire a gardener

Gardens need a gardener to take care of them so they can thrive. They need a gardener to plant the right things for the right zone and times of year, to nourish them and to nurture the ecosystem supporting the plants as a whole. Similarly, brands need a brand strategist to take care of the brand ecosystem and help it grow beautifully.

You can't just plant anything and hope it grows

You need to take care of the soil, monitor the conditions, cater to the plant's individual needs for success. A brand's presence and offerings also need specific care and attention to take root with an audience and grow with intention.

And you might be too busy to take care of your plants

Because you're doing the work you really love. If you're an event planner, you're busy bringing events to life. If you're an accountant, you're busy balancing your clients' books. If you're a speaker, you're busy commanding stages. You don't necessarily have time to also take care of your brand's ecosystem. You want to host people in the garden without having to work yourself into exhaustion taking care of the garden. This is why while you're busy with your work, your brand strategist tends to your brand/garden so that it doesn't become overgrown and so it continues to attract new people and clients.

The result of working with a brand strategist?

You (and your clients) get to enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful garden without having to do the digging, the weeding and the pruning. Your brand strategist does all the creative heavy-lifting for you so that your brand blossoms and grows memorably.