When you have a well-developed brand strategy

How many coffee shops are there in the world? Endless! And yet, we love them. Why? Because they're all different due to their branding and strategy. Your work can stand out too.


Nobody says "But we already have coffee shops" when someone wants to open their own...

Because every coffee shop is different. The menu, the decor, the service style, the product quality, the location, the coffee shop culture itself, the feel of the place, the pricing, the displays are all different from coffee shop to coffee shop. The same thing goes for brands.

Over-saturation doesn't matter if...

You infuse your idea -- be it a coffee shop, a wellness brand, a fashion label, a photography studio, a dog daycare -- with a strategic, artistic and dynamic brand strategy. Brand strategy is what will make your idea feel and be different from others.

Don't let "Oh, it's been done before" stop you...

Because it hasn't been done by you.Your idea is just that, all yours. It will come to life with nuance, perspective and creativity that is all your own. It'll have a twist, a signature style, a creative language and it'll solve a specific problem in a new or improved way.

Believe in your ideas and build them forward.

Any idea can be built forward.

Any idea can grow into something special.

Any idea can help others in new ways.

Any idea has potential.

The first step is believing all of the above.

The second step is...

Developing a multi-layered and imaginative brand strategy.